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Alessandro Coppe


The farm Coppe Alessandro offers cheeses with goat’s milk and the sale of kids.

The family-run business, founded in 2015, involves Alessandro who, together with his father Lucio, takes care of goat breeding and his mother Martina who is dedicated to the production of cheeses, fresh, mezzane and seasoned caciotta, refined walnut leaf and under hay (seasoning), robiola ricotta and primo sale.

The company was born as a hobby from Alessandro’s passion and has slowly expanded, reaching today 50 goats in production and 14 young Scamosciate Delle Alpi.

“Goats are very sensitive animals, they constantly seek human contact, they recognize the noise of my car and the sound of my voice.”

For the Coppe family, animal welfare is very important: the goats are raised in the barn with hay cut from local meadows and the addition of feed that varies depending on the season, they produce milk for two months after giving birth and then stay put for another 2 months. Every morning at 5.30 am and every evening at 6 pm they are milked and the milk is then processed to produce the different cheeses.



50 goats and 2 donkeys


Own production of goat cheeses: fresh, soft, fresh and smoked ricotta, robiola, primo sale, small flower, hay-aged cacciotte, walnut leaves, chilli, chives


Reservation of slaughtered or even live kids


Via Codalunga, 58
31040 Segusino



Monday: 8:00-12.25 e 15.00-19.30
Tuesday: 8:00-12.25 e 15.00-19.30
Wednesday: 8:00-12.25 e 15.00-19.30
Thursday: 8:00-12.25 e 15.00-19.30
Friday: 8:00-12.25 e 15.00-19.30
Saturday: 8:00-19.30
Sunday: 9:00-12.00 e 15.00-19.30