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Borgo Stramare



The hamlet of Stramare is an ancient and picturesque village with a magical and relaxed atmosphere which, after decades of abandonment, has been restored and brought back to life while proudly maintaining the signs of time.

The town has a centuries-old history, started by charcoal burners coming perhaps from Istria at the beginning of the seventeenth century, attracted by extensive woods and fresh, perennial water. Nowadays the village is occasionally inhabited by the owners, some of which are locals from the main town while others are holidaymakers.

At the beginning of the twentieth century Stramare had over 140 inhabitants. Then, more comfortable homes and new work opportunities in the main town slowly emptied the village.

The piazza and all the town’s outdoor spaces host various events: concerts, readings of Dante’s poem, themed exhibitions, meetings with authors and folk festivals. In particular, most of the owners open their homes on St. Valentine’s day for the festivities in honour of the patron saint. On this day – the most important day of the year for Stramare – the town comes to life with the traditional Mass, concerts held by the town band and the Stramare Choir, food tasting of local produce and traditional dishes, as well as exhibitions and various other events. During the Christmas season the village is one of the locations of the event called “Nativity in the boroughs”, an itinerary that touches several sites around the territory.

The little church and the Fountain of Saint Valentine

The small round-based St. Valentine’s church was, and still is, the centre of the town and, of course, the spiritual reference point of the community. In days gone by, (long before the Saint became the protector of lovers), people suffering from epilepsy would turn to him for help. Inside the church, an undated oil painting by an unknown author depicts St. Valentine in the act of healing a sick person.

In the suggestive little square there is an interesting fountain, made out of a single piece of stone coming from the Non Valley. It is called “St. Valentine’s fountain” and supplies water of particularly good quality which is reputed to have beneficial effects on lovers.

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